Magnetic Studios: bringing your musical concepts to life

Your search for that ‘perfect’ piece of music, a song that brings just the right level of energy and emotion to your production often ends at the fingertips of a highly-skilled composer…

Team: Under the exclusive direction of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Johnson, our team of composers will stop at nothing to deliver your musical concept.

Philosophy: This is defined by just one word: Authenticity. As an example, let’s say your next project requires a track with a contemporary rock/pop feel. In this scenario, we go straight to the source and call upon one of our composers who has recorded and toured with some of the biggest artists in this field. You can be sure that we’ll bring the same level of authenticity to each and every custom music job we deliver.

Services: We pride ourselves in offering a vast array of Creative music solutions. There is no job too big or too small.

    Custom Composition

  • Style-alikes

  • Semi-custom Scoring Packs

  • Themes

  • Trailers

  • Sonic (Audio) Branding

  • Film Score

    Music Supervision

  • Music Replacement

  • Music Searches

  • Music Consultation

    Editing & Re-mixing

  • Stem Mixes

  • Tempo & Time Edits

  • Re-mixes & Mash-ups

Studios: Magnetic Studios consists of two locations: Magnetic Studios North & Magnetic Studios South. Both locations feature separate mix and live rooms, industry standard Pro Tools HD3 systems and a choice assortment of high-end microphones and outboard gear.

Video gamesTV seriesCommercial spotsWebisodesIndie filmsCorporate eventsTrailers

As a busy and growing Production Company you’ve likely been asked to work your magic on all of these productions…and it’s only Wednesday!

The current landscape of Media and Content Production is growing at a frenetic pace. There is more content available now, and more being ‘consumed’, than at any time in our history. However, one of the big challenges for you as a producer is that all of this content is spread across various media types, ever changing delivery mediums and with smaller budgets than in years past.

In order to land and successfully deliver today’s unique production gigs on a consistent basis you must rely on CREATIVE solutions from your in-house production team AND your vendors.

Please contact Magnetic, and let us help you bring your musical concepts to life!