FAQ: Music Licensing

Do we really need a music license for this?

Generally speaking yes, you do need a license. Any time you use a piece of music that you have not personally written and recorded you’re going to need a license.

What is a Master & Synchronization (Sync) License?

The term ‘Master’ refers to the Master Recording. All of the tracks in the Magnetic catalog are our Master Recordings. The term Synchronization or Sync refers to the act of Synchronizing our Master Recording with your video or audio production. When we issue a license, the license rate always includes both Master & Sync.

I see the term “PER MUSIC USE” on your Rates page. What does that mean?

A ‘Music Use’ is defined as, ‘Each time any piece of our music starts and stops within your production’. Edits made to a track for timing are not considered additional music uses so long as the edited length does not exceed the length of the original track. See below for more information on our Per Music Use license.

What is a Blanket License?

A Blanket License allows you to use an unlimited amount of music within your production. The cost of the Blanket License is based on the License Type chosen and the length (hh:mm:ss) of your production. Generally speaking, if you’re licensing four or more tracks for use within one production a Blanket License may provide the best value.

What clearances are included with each License Type?

When looking at our Rates page, if you see a red dot in the column below the License Type you’ll know that each ‘dotted’ clearance is included in that specific License Type.

Once I’ve paid for a license, how long is it good for?

Most of our licenses are issued ‘In Perpetuity’. This means the license is good forever, but only if the production remains in its original format. If you need to make any changes, revisions, re-edits to the audio OR video portion of a production, you’re going to need a new license.

What is a Commercial Tag?

A ‘Commercial Tag’ is a small audio or video change which generally appears at the beginning or ending of a commercial spot and effectively creates an alternate version. Each ‘Tag’ is licensed at 1/2 of the rate of the selected License Type.

What if I’m just not sure which License Type I need for my production?

Just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help you figure out exactly what clearance and License Type you need. We’re pretty good at figuring this stuff out.

FAQ: Various Music License Agreement Types

What are the music licensing options available to me?

We offer a number of different license agreement types to suit different situations:

  • Per Music Use (Needledrop) License: This license provides you with access to the entire Magnetic catalog to license music on a per project basis. Each time you synchronize our music to a production, you add the track(s) to your ‘cart’ and complete the steps to submit a license request. Our rates depend on the License Type (Basic, Standard, Premium or All Media Rights) you choose.

  • Annual Blanket License: This license provides you with unlimited use of music from selected (by you) portions of the Magnetic catalog for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years. Our Annual Blanket License represents a substantial savings over a Per Music Use License.

  • Production Blanket License: This license provides you with unlimited use of music from selected (by you) portions of the Magnetic catalog for use within one particular production or an episodic series. Again, the Production Blanket License represents a substantial savings over our Per Music Use License.

  • Theme License: When you’ve found a signature track that perfectly represents a product or service and you’d like to feature it in multiple media productions, this is the license for you. This license provides you with unlimited use of a particular track for a period of 13 weeks or more.

  • Exclusive License: Different from the Theme License, our Exclusive License provides you with unlimited, exclusive use of a particular track. This gives you the security to know that your unique track won’t be available to anyone but you for the term of the license. The availability of an Exclusive License is determined on a track-by-track basis. Additionally, both custom and existing catalog tracks may be available for exclusivity. Please contact us at the link below if you’d like to know if a particular track is available for exclusivity.

  • If you have any questions or would like a quote on on any of the licensing options above please give us a call or drop us an email on the Contact Us page.