THE SCORE: Captain America vs. Spider-Man

In the battle for big screen superhero supremacy, it seems that Spidey has upstaged the Captain in dollars, but despite all the musical big wigs and dream team attached to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it seems that the lone Henry Jackman has won the battle of pure Hollywood musical awesomeness with his epic score for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Jackman brilliantly blurs the lines between sound design, dark industrial manipulations and old school orchestral grandeur. Previously a protege of the second most successful living film composer Hans Zimmer, Jackman has risen up to outshine the master in the Marvel Superhero battle. Zimmer has the experience, the dream team and the best of the best talent on board for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Jackman’s savant like harmonic and melodic orchestral explorations combined with his seamless blending of electronic manipulations leave him the clear victor to this listener. Not surprising for someone that started composing his first symphonic piece at age 6.