Stream This – Let The Games Begin!



Now that the 2015 streaming wars have taken shape with Spotify, Beats and now Tidal squared off and ready to rumble, it seems like the spirit of competition is finally starting to take hold in the world of music streaming. When Apple’s iTunes all but had a monopoly on the retail distribution of digital music files, it seemed that there was no worthy competitor that could challenge the Cupertino giant. Now with Beats Music, Goolge Play, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify and Jay-Z’s new company Tidal, there at least seems to be some real free market competition brewing in the streaming space. Of course none of these services will fare particularly well without access to the record company’s vast catalogs of music, particularly the newest releases by the most contemporary artists, but that’s a story for another blog post!


And in this corner… Apple is a $500+ Billion dollar company that has vast experience with the paid digital distribution of music, in fact they all but created it. Their personal electronic products are highly integrated in everyday life by hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe. Their long time love affair with the music industry is unrivaled with tech companies from their John and Yoko “Think Different” campaign, to their recent purchase of Beats Music and their bringing Jimmy Iovine, one of the music industries most successful and savvy deal makers, into the corporate ranks of Apple.


Look for other major players including Microsoft, Sony and Amazon (with their Prime Music Service) to make major plays into the music streaming battle with both subscription and ad based revenue models. It doesn’t quite have the excitement of a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight, but it “should” create an a large number of revenue possibilities for creative professionals involved in the music industry from writers and recording artists to musicians, publishers, producers, etc.. Does Jay-Z’s Tidal have a chance against the Cupertino Cash or the Swedish Spotify With more than 40 million monthly active users including 10 million paying subscribers? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!